Record antecedents of domestic servants, residents told

CHENNAI OCT. 28. The Chennai City Police Commissioner, K.Vijay Kumar, yesterday said furnishing details of the antecedents of domestic servants was only a precautionary measure and solely for the necessity of policing.

He said several residents were hesitant to part with details as they felt it would hurt the sentiments of their domestic help.

"You do not have to furnish their (servant's) details to the police. At least record their details and keep them with you", Mr.Vijay Kumar said, while speaking at a session on `meet the people' this evening.

He said the police had embarked on the move to collect antecedents of domestic help solely because of their involvement in several crime cases.

The Commissioner also said that sufficient illumination in a residential locality would serve as a deterrent to anti-social elements. He stressed the importance of an increased level of a "general crime awareness" among the residents.

Mr.Vijay Kumar urged residents to maintain a regular "eye-to-eye contact" with officers in the rank of Assistant Commissioners and Inspectors.

Speaking at the meeting, G.U.G. Sastry, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic), said the increasing deaths in road accidents were primarily due to the phenomenal increase in vehicle population and the lack of a proportionate increase in road space. Widening roads and removal of obstructions could bring down accidents.

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