Reconstruction of Ellis Nagar road overbridge set to ease traffic congestion

The existing two-way ROB of 7.5 metre width will be broadened to 28.5 metres

S. Sundar

MADURAI: A multi-armed road overbridge, a sub-way well connected by service roads beneath it, a multi-way pedestrian sub-way and a huge rotary at the Kattabomman statue junction proposed to be constructed in lieu of the Ellis Nagar road overbridge are all set to ease traffic congestion near the bustling Periyar bus stand.

The new system, coming up at a cost of Rs.20 crores, will not only speed up vehicular flow but also ensure safety of road-users.

The existing two-way road overbridge of 7.5 metre width will be broadened to 28.5 metres and the stretch between the railway span and the eastern side will be a six-lane road. On the western side, the road overbridge will have an additional arm, instead of the existing single road leading to Arasaradi. The new arm will provide a direct link for road-users from the bridge to Ellis Nagar, connecting the Dindigul Bypass Road.

On the eastern side too, the Highways department is laying a new approach road linking Tirupparankundram Road with the bridge through the Periyar bus stand. Vehicles proceeding to western parts of the city from the TPK Road need not come up to the exit point at the Periyar bus stand. Instead they can take the new approach road and reach the bridge. "This will considerably reduce traffic congestion on the Kattabomman statue junction," the Divisional Engineer (Projects), S.K. Ibrahim Gani, told The Hindu.

Two-way traffic will be allowed on the eastern side arm and Arasaradi arm. However, both the new arms are meant only for one-way traffic. While the Periyar bus stand arm can be used to climb up the bridge, Ellis Nagar arm is only for climbing down the bridge. Service roads along all the arms will solve the one-way traffic.

Service roads

All arms of the bridge will have service roads to take care of slow moving vehicles and pedestrians.

"Slow moving vehicles such as cycle-rickshaws, bicycles, two-wheelers and bullock-carts can utilise these roads instead of the bridge and reach the other side through the sub-way coming up beneath the road overbridge," Mr. Gani said.

Two-way vehicular traffic is possible on service roads that are 4.25 metres wide. The sub-way will be wide enough for two-way traffic of light vehicles.

The Kattabomman statue junction where traffic flow has been regulated, at present, will have a huge elliptical rotary.

The size of the rotary will be so big that it can do away with the traffic signal at the junction and allow congestion-free flow of vehicles on all the four roads.

The road around the rotary will be raised by 1.5 metres to prevent rainwater stagnation.

The salient feature of the new design of traffic movement will ensure speedy movement of vehicles as the road overbridge will take care of fast-moving vehicles and the sub-way will filter slow moving ones, Mr. Gani said.

The project also envisages construction of the city's first multi-way pedestrian sub-way beneath the rotary, the Assistant Engineer, R. Muthusamy, said.

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