Reasonable decision

Sir, - India's decision to curtail the number of Pakistani diplomats to half and not allow its aircraft to use Indian airspace is reasonable.

The arrest of a Pakistani official, who was in possession of sensitive Indian information, clearly shows that most Pakistani delegates in India, have been indulging in espionage.

N. Pugazhendhi,


Sir, - India's strong reaction to the attack on Parliament is justified because of the peculiarities of Pakistan's politics. Pakistan has always adopted a policy of toppling their elected or self-appointed Government whenever the policies followed by the Government run contrary to popular sentiment. Gen. Pervez Musharraf himself came to power toppling Mr. Nawaz Sharif. His alliance with the anti-terrorist group is also viewed by many with similar mistrust.

Though I have no reason to disbelieve that Pakistan is not responsible for the attack on Parliament, it may well be conducted by someone who is waiting in the wings to wrest power from Gen. Musharraf. A success in this mission would have signalled his end.

Therefore, the stance that India has taken has to be applauded. We have to strike at the roots of terrorism. Perhaps in taking on this task ourselves, we shall be doing Gen. Musharraf a favour.

Apollo D'Souza,

Abu Dhabi, UAE

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