Reader's Mail

Noon meal scheme

It is agonising to see rations supplied under the noon meal scheme finding their way to the public market. Poor children are made to starve in schools because of the cruel attitude of the people entrusted with the noon meal scheme.

The government should strictly enforce its schemes.

K.K. Lakshmanan,


Welcome news

Union Minister for Communication and Information Technology Dayanidhi Maran's announcement that BSNL and MTNL would boost broadband connectivity and come out with attractive offers next year is welcome. As a senior citizen who use the dial-up service of BSNL, I would request the Minister to consider special schemes in broad band for senior citizens who would like to be in touch with their children and close relatives through e-mail, chat etc.

Premnath. T.M


God's work

It is said Government's work is God's work.

After reading an article and a letter in `Readers mail' on page 3 of your paper (Nov. 28) it can probably be worded as `People's work is God's work'. The residents of Vilankurichi Road took upon themselves the task of patch up works on the road they travel everyday and in Mettupalayam a councillor went door-to-door to collect garbage when the regular sanitary worker had not come to collect it for three days. These people have proved that `Where there is a will there is a way'. I hope the people at the helm of affairs will realise the potential of the people to act fast when the public life is affected.

Kesavan. K,


Train service

It is quite disheartening to see that none of the Chennai-Thiruvananthapuram trains touch Coimbatore junction. Coimbatore City and nearby Nilgiris district have a number of Keralites who are badly in need of a train connectivity to Thiruvananthapuram. None of the Thiruvananthapuram-bound trains from Chennai stop at Coimbatore junction. Trains like Howrah Mail and Coromandal Express from Chennai to Howrah help not only `end to end passengers' but also help people from Vishakhapatnam which is an intermediate station between Chennai and Howrah. While such an arrangement is possible for trains running between various zones, it is sad that the Chennai-Thiruvananthapuram trains running within the same Southern Railway do no go via Coimbatore which is much in need of connectivity with Thiruvananthapuram. Will the railway authorities look into this?

Ravi. S,

Saibaba Colony.

Be careful

`Take care while selling your vehicle' ( Nov 30, Coimbatore edition ) contains very valuable information regarding the precautions one should take while intending to sell a motor vehicle.

It is a caution to the unwary who may, through their ignorance of the proper procedures, fall victims to the evil designs of some criminals.

There is a slip in the penultimate para of the story in which the word `hitherto' has been used in place of, perhaps, `hereafter'.


Thadagam Road.

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