Reader's Mail

Unhygienic conditions

I am a resident of a twin-type house, T 228, of the Tamil Nadu Housing Board near the Sri Devi Karumariamman Temple at Ellis Nagar. A few other twin type houses, from T 222 to T 231, are also located in the same area and are bounded on the East by a wide-open space of vacant land. The approach to these houses to the main road in the north leading to the Sri Devi Karumariamman Temple is not a tarred road and has remained a makeshift road since August 1987. I am given to understand that a pucca road could not be laid down as litigations hampered taking over of the land meant for the road. This road also serves as a link road to the HIG flats of the Tamil Nadu Housing Board alongside the Madurai-Bodinaickanur railway track and hence is frequented by the residents of that area as well. A walk across the railway track takes one to Andalpuram/T.P.K Road and hence is often used by other residents of Ellis Nagar as well.

A brief downpour makes this road marshy and one has to wade through slush. Besides, the pools of water created in the wide-open space, which is the eastern boundary, serves as a breeding ground of mosquitoes. The rain gods, fortunately, have been quite kind to Madurai, but for which the position would have deteriorated further. As if to add salt to wound, recently this road is being used as a public latrine with human waste on the road adding to the plight of the residents as well as the pedestrians.

Under the circumstances, the residents of this area have to live in an ambience of unhygienic condition, which needs to be addressed immediately.

I request that urgent action be initiated by the authorities on a priority basis to ensure that this only link road is not used as a public latrine anymore. Immediate measures will be highly appreciated by the residents of the area.

K. Gopalakrishnan, Madurai.

Unused overbridge

An overbridge was constructed near Periar Bus Stand for the benefit of the public for safe road crossing. But nobody is using this bridge for crossing the road. Consequently the purpose for which the bridge was constructed is not yet fulfilled.

Further, an underground subway was constructed near Rajaji Government Hospital in the Goripalayam area, for road crossing purpose. But, unfortunately, this underground subway too is not used by the public.

It is clear that Corporation authorities have failed to plan correctly, taking into consideration the poor civic sense of the Madurai people. At least in the future, our money should not be wasted in the meaningless wasteful constructions.

Malligai Mannan, Madurai.

Poor street

In the Indian Bank colony within the limits of Naganakulam panchayat, the second street is the busiest thoroughfare.

Its present condition is unenviable, with a number of bumps, causing jolts during rides. For pedestrians, it is nightmarish in view of its small width and a lot of traffic.

Moreover, the light at the junction of this street and Thilagar Street is not burning during nights for nearly a month now.

V. Krishnamoorthy, Madurai.