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Hats off to police

On the morning of June 10, it was announced that the Ellis Nagar overbridge would be closed for traffic. It was a terrifying question how to enter the town from the western part of Madurai.

But it was a pleasant surprise that traffic arrangements from western part were laid out excellently by the City Police, absolutely without any congestion. Rather it was a pleasant drive and one could travel at an average speed of 40 km, on the New Jail Road and policing was excellent in deviating slow moving vehicles to a different road, also moving very well without difficulty. A few unwanted speed breakers only retard the traffic on the New Jail Road. It makes the vehicle owners to feel that the struggle so far underwent by transferring through Kattabomman statue, Hayath Khan Road, facing dangerous traffic and blocks of tourist vehicles, as an unwanted suffering underwent so far. The division of multilinear, multi speed vehicles has given a good dividend in dissolving the traffic hazards of Madurai, and it is high time the city police thought of the same solution by diverting slow moving vehicles in one segment and allotting them separate roads. The City Police Commissioner, DC traffic, and his team of police officers and men need to be congratulated for solving a major traffic hazard. I request the team work should continue till the bridge construction is over, without sagging.

Dr. V. Nagaraajan


Circular buses

Finally, the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation, Madurai has also started operating circular buses. The C1 and C2 buses are really a boon to the commuters, especially when the railway over-bridge is closed for traffic. Now, I request the authorities to introduce circular buses (at least mini- type buses) around four Masi streets for the convenience of pilgrims visiting Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple.

M. S. Raghavan,


Laudable scheme

The Centre has launched a new scheme, extending free medical treatment to ex-servicemen and their families, in various cities. A very good scheme, it should have been implemented long back, taking into account the noble work of the men while in service, far away from home, for the sake of nation's security. Henceforth it must be seen to that first preference is given to ex-servicemen in all government schemes. It will boost their morale.

L. Sathasivam,


Hike in fuel prices

Worldwide oil price hikes and financial burden on oil companies have forced the government to increase the prices of petroleum products. At the same time, one should not forget that the Indian economy has also improved to an appreciable level, and in turn the money value has also been decreasing day-by-day. The number of vehicles on the roads is continuously on the rise.

People should avoid unwanted trips, using their vehicles, and maintain them in good condition, so as to get a better mileage, which could compensate the price rise.

G. Jayaraman,

Sengamala Nachiar Puram

New train

People from Sivaganga, Manamadurai, Paramakudi and Ramanathapuram have to go all the way to Madurai by bus to board direct trains to Chennai. This involves great hardship, particularly to the elderly, women and children travelling with luggage.

Now that there is broad gauge connectivity to Madurai from Manamadurai, the railways is requested to introduce a direct express train from Manamadurai to Chennai for the benefit of rail users from these places.

G.K.S. Kandasubramanian,


Reintroduce train

Meenakshi Express, which was operated between Madurai and Tirupathi till a few years back was well patronised, owing to huge pilgrim traffic between the two major religious centres of South India. The suspension of this service has resulted in hardships to passengers.

The railway authorities are requested to reintroduce the train.

V.A. Sreedharan,


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