Rare blood group detected in Salem

SALEM, FEB. 15. Two persons in Salem city have been found to belong to a rare blood group called `Bombay.' It is a unique phenomenon that the `O' group, with a slight variation in its characteristics, becomes a rarity. As per the available statistics, only 136 persons around the globe have this group of blood coursing through their veins, according to the Dean of Salem Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College Hospital, M. Ganapathy. The Dean told The Hindu that this blood group had come to be known as `Bombay' because it was in 1952 that the medical fraternity came across the existence of such a blood group in a victim of a train accident that occurred there.

What made it a distinct one was the presence of the `anti-H' (anti-body against the human red blood corpuscles) factor. This additional constituent in the otherwise common `O' group had rendered this one quite uncommon.

Dr. Ganapathy said when the patient from Mettur, Seth, got admitted in the hospital for an urology surgery recently, he needed infusion of certain units of blood. Then it was found that his blood group did not match with any of the available blood in the hospital blood bank.

A register kept by Nesakkarangal, a service organisation, showed Kumaresan, an employee of a canteen in a private hospital, to be having an identical blood group.

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