Rajiv Menon's institute offers course in cinematography

Rajiv Menon (right) with Mani Ratnam at the institute's launch in Chennai. Photo: V. Ganesan  

Staff Reporter

Mani Ratnam to give lectures on screenwriting

CHENNAI: A cinematographer expands on the vision of the director, puts to rest the insecurities of the actors and works as part of a team, said Rajiv Menon, perhaps the best-known name in the business.

Launching Mindscreen Film Institute (MFI) on Wednesday, where the first specialised course to be offered will be cinematography, a six-month course, Mr. Menon explained that it is aimed at people who are keen to join the film industry as soon as possible Mr. Menon's teacher M.N. Gnanasekharan is the dean of the institute. Graduates in any discipline from a recognised university or those with three years work experience in films or video or multimedia are eligible. The film school syllabus will be enhanced with technological developments, he said. The course fee is Rs.1 lakh, and they are considering an intake of 10 students.

Mr. Menon said that they intend to expand the number of specialised courses offered at MFI. A course in screenwriting is next: "An under-developed area in Indian cinema. That is our real problem," said Mr. Menon. Director Mani Ratnam was present at the launch of the MFI. He will give lectures on screenwriting.

The application submission deadline is May 15. Call 044 - 24996417 for details or log on to >www.mindscreen.co.in