Rainwater enters Vellore homes

Special Correspondent

VELLORE: Rainwater entered about 74 homes in Dhideer Nagar in Konavattam here following the heavy downpour on Sunday night, leaving the houses completely waterlogged, and forcing the residents outdoors.

The residents of the colony blocked the Chennai-Bangalore National Highway on Monday morning, urging the district administration to take immediate steps to bale out the water. They dispersed only after District Revenue Officer C. Gopalakrishnan and Deputy Superintendent of Police Pattabhi reached the spot and assured them that steps would be taken to pump out the water speedily.

The affected residents have been temporarily accommodated in a nearby marriage hall.

Water also entered several houses on Pilliar Koil Street in Shenbakkam and the slums in Kansalpet following the heavy rains in the last two days. A visit to Kansalpet revealed that water has entered all the slums, with the residents forced outside their houses, waiting for the waters to recede.

Drainage channel

Residents of Kansalpet said that water that entered the slums was the water overflowing from the incomplete drainage channel along Pilliar Koil Street. They said that though the Shenbakkam panchayat had constructed a drainage channel, it was left incomplete with the result that the drainage water in the channel entered a nearby patta land, flooding it.

During the rains, the channel overflowed and entered the slums and other houses. K. Bakthavathsalam, a resident of one of the houses on Pilliar Koil Street where water had entered all the rooms to knee-deep level said that since the street was located at the tail end of Shenbakkam special village panchayat bordering Vellore municipality, both the local bodies should undertake joint efforts to complete the drainage channel.

He said that though the house was constructed in 1969, this was the first time that water had entered the house.

The blocking of two culverts near the railway line as a result of the on-going work on the widening of the Chennai-Bangalore National Highway had also aggravated the problem, Bakthavatsalam said.

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