Rain damages NH 5

CHENNAI NOV.10. Apart from leaving several arterial roads in the city and its outskirts completely damaged, the heavy rain has taken a severe toll of the National Highway 5 too. Motorists find it a harrowing experience to negotiate a stretch of the NH 5, also known as GNT Road, between the Red Hills junction on the Outer Ring Road and Moolakadai.

The lack of proper policing in regulating the movement of heavy vehicles was painfully evident in the ordeal undergone by those living in the colonies.

Residents complained that the rain had left the already congested GNT Road stripped of its bitumen topping, with potholes all along. With trailer lorries occupying most of the space, it took nothing less than one hour to reach Moolakadai from the Outer Ring Road, a distance of just three kilometres, residents complained.

They felt the movement of lorries could be curtailed at least during peak hour traffic in the evening.

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