Rail roko junction

OF LATE, the Tiruchi Junction has been frequently capturing the attention of the media and law enforcing authorities, what with political parties and other organisations announcing rail roko to protest against the fuel price rise.

Each time a rail roko was announced, a posse of police personnel were deployed well in advance at the entrance of the railway junction as well as inside the station to prevent volunteers of the party or outfit, which gave the call, from entering the station building.

Photographers and reporters positioned themselves at vantage points in front of the junction each time a rail roko is announced to cover the event.

In the past two weeks, there were three attempts to stage rail rokos with police arresting volunteers as a preventive measure the moment they assembled in front of the junction to ensure that the movement of the public was not disturbed in any way.

First, members of the CITU attempted to stage a rail roko followed by BJP cadres . On Tuesday members of the Indian National League were held for making a rail roko bid.

From R. Rajaram in Tiruchi.

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