"Employability will enhance investment support in industry"

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Consulate General of Russia vice consul stresses on vocational training Consulate General of Russia vice consul stresses on vocational training

CHENNAI: Employability will enhance investment support in industry. Also, vocational courses and training will help to tackle the problem of underemployment and unemployment, which are some of the causes of terrorism, said Stanislav I. Simakov, vice consul of the Consulate General of Russia.

Addressing students on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Loyola Institute of Vocational Education (LIVE) on Saturday, Mr. Simakov called for focus on vocational training.

He said students in Russia focussed on areas such as metallurgy, biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Appreciating LIVE's tourism course, he said Tamil Nadu had good beaches, which were yet to be exploited.

Cardiologist S. Thillai Vallal suggested courses that would help the medical fraternity. He suggested that students be trained to handle medical equipment such as X-ray equipment and the ECG monitor. Students with a B.Sc. or M. Sc. degree in nutrition could be taught clinical aspects.

Dr. Vallal is also the secretary of the Private Hospitals and Nursing Home Board of Chennai.

Xavier Alphonse, institute director, and A. Albert Muthumalai, Loyola College principal, appealed to the college council to allow students to transfer credits from vocational courses to regular degree courses.

The people who trained and taught students were honoured on the occasion.

V.G. Santhosam, industrialist, Boniface Jeyaraj, rector, and F. Andrew, secretary of the college, spoke.