Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh sign pact for water supply to Yanam

Andhra Pradesh has come forward to supply water to the Yanam region through French channel and Adavipolam channel for drinking, irrigation and industrial purposes.

An agreement to this effect was signed by P.R. Meena, Secretary, PWD, Puducherry, and Engineer-In-Chief (irrigation), Andhra Pradesh, on behalf of the respective governments in Hyderabad recently.

As per the agreement, Andhra Pradesh will supply 30 cusecs of water, as requested by the Puducherry government, upstream of SAC barrage and from Bank canal of Godavari eastern delta, free of cost, for augmenting the drinking water needs of Yanam town as well as to meet its irrigation and industrial needs. Subject to special conditions, the Executive Engineer, Godavari Eastern Division, will make available 22.35 cusecs for irrigation through Bank canal of Godavari eastern delta.

For industrial purposes, three cusecs will be supplied from Bank canal. Similarly, three cusecs will be pumped from upstream side of SAC barrage for drinking water. Another 1.65 cusecs will be allowed through pumping from Bank canal near Lachipalem village for drinking purpose.

A total of 1,165 acres has been notified as ayacut of French and Adavipolam channels. Two crops can be raised and irrigated by utilising the water from Andhra Pradesh, the agreement states. It adds, however, that it is subjected to the availability of water on the AP side.

As per the agreement, the Puducherry government has no right to claim any compensation on account of short supplies or no supply of water for any reason whatsoever. Under no circumstances, the ayacut should be increased from 1,165 acres. Any unauthorised extension of irrigation beyond the overall limit will be liable to penalty not exceeding twenty times the full water rate for the first crop levied in the adjacent Andhra Pradesh territory.

The necessary water accounts will be prepared and maintained by the Puducherry government for recording cultivation, drinking water and industries and authenticated copies should be supplied to the Collector of East Godavari district. The agreement is deemed to have come into operation on March 25.

The total cost of works such as construction of additional storage tank, pumping arrangements along with pipeline from Bank canal to storage tank, link channel for delivering additional water to Adavipolam channel, construction of pump house and others will be borne by Puducherry.

P.R. Meena said that it would be immensely benefit the residents, farmers and industries of the Yanam region, which was facing acute water scarcity, particularly during summer.