Prospects good for biotech graduates

One million jobs will be available by 2010, says report

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: There is great potential for biotechnology graduates in the next three to four years, said S. P. Thiyagarajan, Vice-Chancellor, University of Madras.

Citing a Department of Biotechnology Government of India report that one million jobs would be available in this sector by 2010 through products and services, he said that as biotechnology was linked to our daily life, the hybrid science formed due to integration of biology and technology would revolutionise life in the years to come. He was inaugurating the second national technical Symposium, "Natura 05" organised by the Biotechnology Department of the St. Peters Engineering College.

Dr. Thiyagarajan pointed out instances such as the way biotechnology revolutionised rice production especially the introduction of Iron & Vit A fortified rice and the development of cheaper and safer insulin from non-animal sources through genetic recombinant technology.

Biotechnology had spread its influence from simple yoghurt to environmental pollution control. Another area that the Government encouraged was enterpreneurship development, according to Dr. Thiyagarajan.

Several schemes

There were several schemes which provided seed capital for starting various new ventures for young budding biotechnologists through Technology Business incubators in colleges and universities.

K. Rajamani, Head, Biotechnology Department, N. V. Pundarikanthan, Director, St. Peters Engineering College, participated.

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