`Propagate Indian values medicine abroad'

LIVELY SHOW: The `Art of Living' guru Sri Sri Ravishankar watching a Bharatanatyam performance on the grounds of Anna University on Tuesday.   | Photo Credit: Photo: Shaju John

Staff Reporter

Mass meditation marks `Art of Living' silver jubilee fete

CHENNAI: Thousands participated in the meditation that marked the beginning of three-day `Art of Living' classes and the silver jubilee celebration of the movement at Anna University in Guindy. The programme was launched with a series of dances by over 400 students from 10 dance schools. The choreographers included well-known personalities.

Sri Sri Ravishankar was ushered on to the five-foot-high stage with the traditional music of Tamil Nadu. Later, children aged five and below sang the invocation.

The guru of the `Art of Living' concept honoured various dignitaries that included Vice-Chancellor of Anna University D. Viswanathan, and renowned dancers Dhananjayans, Sudha Rani Raghupathy, C. K. Balagopal, C. V. Chandrasekar and his wife. The mega dance event ended with all participants praying for world peace.

The guru, who later addressed the gathering, said music and dance could be enjoyed by everyone as they had no language. He began his exercise for the evening with a request to every one in the audience to look into the neighbour's eyes and say that he/she did not trust the person.

Sri Sri Ravishankar said India had not taken advantage of its rich culture and heritage to strengthen concepts of world peace as well as borderless countries.

It could use its spiritual excellence and its vastly rich literature to speak for the suffering masses in neighbouring countries of Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. He called for an increased promotion of music and dance.

He said 80 per cent of Indian youth were contented people unlike in Japan, where the figure was only eight per cent. In European nations 27 per cent were reported to be depressed. He called for spreading Indian alternative systems of medicine, Indian values and culture abroad.

Tuesday's programme ended with a 15-minute meditation. Donor passes for the classes are available at the stalls put up at the venue.