Project to involve students in social service

Pondicherry Aug. 26. The government-run and the privately managed high and higher secondary schools in Pondicherry have come out with programmes to involve students in social service.

A new project called `Community Service Scheme' was launched recently in the 120-year-old Calve College Higher Secondary school.

The project was aimed at enrolling 1,500 standard VIII students from 60 schools. The National Service Scheme, which had already been in existence in most of the schools and colleges, has now spread its wings widely. A batch of 52 students from the Petit Seminaire Higher Secondary school was engaged in cleaning the premises of a nursery section of the school at Uppalam and in Sacred Heart School in the town. T.A.J. Edmond, programme officer, guided the students.

While social service activities were promoted by school authorities, the students academic achievements got recognition from organisations like Chamber of Commerce.

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