Present White Paper on drought: PMK

Dharmapuri Jan. 25. The Government should submit in the Assembly a White Paper on the extent of drought prevailing in each district and the relief measures planned, the PMK leader, S. Ramadoss, told reporters here today.

The Government should also come out on what basis all districts, except Chennai, were declared drought hit.

Alleging that Thursday's address presented by the Governor was prepared by the Government to eulogise the Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, Dr. Ramadoss said none of the assurances contained in the previous year's speech had been implemented. And conveniently forgetting the promises, the Government made fresh ones this year.

`Dharmapuri neglected'

While the address mentioned about a comprehensive development package to rectify the socio-economic imbalance in Dharmapuri district, little had been done even to solve the drinking water crisis prevailing there. The Supreme Court directive that each individual be provided with a minimum of 40 litres a day had never been adhered to and people were purchasing water in many places in the district.

The Hogenakkal integrated drinking water project, conceived way back in 1965, was yet to take shape with successive governments failing to provide funds. Charging the AIADMK regime with having failed to effectively follow up the project, Dr. Ramadoss said the PMK would to resort to agitation programmes until it was taken up at least in phases.

`No politics'

Dr. Ramadoss evaded all questions on the PMK stand on the Sathankulam Assembly poll, saying "no politics". To persistent questions, he said it was a mere byelection, and the purpose of his visit here was only to highlight the dire need for speedy implementation of the Hogenakkal project.