‘Potential high for technical textiles’

The technical textile sector has huge potential in the country and it will progress in the coming years, according to Mohan Kavrie, president of Indian Technical Textile Association.

Mr. Kavrie was in Coimbatore recently for the opening of the regional office of the association. He told The Hindu , “India cannot be different from the rest of the world. In other countries, technical textiles have helped improve the quality of life.” Hence, there are opportunities in India for the growth of the sector. However, it is a knowledge-based industry. The entry of new players is restricted as each interested entrepreneur should find a niche area to focus on. It is relatively capital intensive too. However, there are units that are into this segment for several years now.

A number of industries do simple conversion work. Technical textile units cannot operate the way normal textile units do. The country has about 20 well-established players in this segment and over 300 units, including those in the unorganised sector.

The association has about 200 members, including consultants and machinery manufacturers. At least five members join it every month.

Since several seminars and meetings had been conducted to create awareness on the sector, entrepreneurs should now approach the association with specific requests.