Post Office facilities

Post Office facilities

Sir, — The Head Post Office in Tiruchi has got a facelift with a new entrance as well as interior decorations. But, facilities such as stamps vending and post boxes have been taken outside. The authorities concerned should take steps to retain them inside the office.

A.G. Nasar Basha,


Signal timers

Sir, — Many automatic signals in Tiruchi have been provided with timers. These timers have become a big nuisance to road-users as they function erratically. So, there is a chaos in the traffic system. The constable has become a mute spectator. It is high time the traffic police set right the timers.

H. Ghouse Baig,


`H' seal cancellation

Sir, — The ration cardholders with a monthly income of Rs. 5, 000 or above suffered a lot while standing in the queue before Taluk Supply Offices to get the `honorary' seal cancelled. The personnel at fair price shops could easily strike out the seal whenever the cardholders visit the shops. Asking the cardholders to go to TSOs seems unnecessary.

A. Sampath


Roadside cricket

Sir, — Cricket is popular among the young and the old alike. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see cricket-crazy boys in cities and towns playing the game without any protection on roads. They not only hinder the traffic but also pose a threat to pedestrians. Hence, parents should ensure that their wards do not play on streets.

S. Muthukrishnan,


Loudspeaker menace

Sir, — A few months ago, a senior police officer announced that if loudspeakers were used in any locality, the public could inform the police so that and prompt action would be taken. But loudspeakers are still used in many places, especially in places of worship. Will the police take action?

K. Singaravelu,


Deposit refund

Sir, — I have surrendered my landline phone (2750241) installed at my Tiruchi residence. I have not received the deposit so far. I request the telecom authorities to refund the amount at the earliest.

S. Ramesh,