Porur water supply project faces further delay

J. Malarvizhi

Work will be hit if local body polls are announced

Board partially executed the project, spending about Rs. 2.97 crore "It looks like implementation of the scheme will be delayed by another two months"

CHENNAI: The Porur water supply project is like to suffer further delay in implementation despite a fresh grant of funds to the agency executing it.

The Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB) recently had to re-assess the project it estimated at Rs. 5.79 crore in 1999. The Board has partially executed the project, spending about Rs. 2.97 crore to lay the main lines covering less than half the population.

Two tanks were built with six public taps near the Panchayat to fulfil water needs in the town and partially address the lack of house connections. Work then came to a temporary halt, and since then has been plagued by delays.

The town panchayat passed a resolution that house connections could be given where lines were laid. Since some members felt that this would unfairly benefit some wards, it was decided instead to go in for two public taps in each ward till the project was completed.

More complications cropped up when the Town Panchayat directorate suggested that PVC pipes be used, instead of the cast iron pipes laid by the CMWSSB, to reduce costs.

The directorate requested the approval of the panchayat for a Rs. 95 lakh estimate to buy PVC pipes. The plan was cancelled after a Metrowater official said the PVC pipes would be a problem, especially when the Underground Sewer System would have to be implemented afterward.

Finally, the additional amount required of Rs. 5.7 crore was promised as loan by the Directorate of Town Panchayats.


Meanwhile, the reshuffle of the State bureaucracy meant the new incumbent would have to familiarise himself with the issue.

Members feel that work could be hit if the local body election dates are announced.

"It looks like the implementation of the scheme will be delayed by another two months," said the Panchayat president, Sivaprabhu.

Still, there is reason to be happy as Porur has been covered by the Adjacent Urban Areas Scheme, he said. It is a Rs 21 crore scheme for development works in 19 local bodies adjoining the Chennai Corporation limits.

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