Populist schemes

Sir, — The State Governments are under severe pressure because of the populist schemes devised by their Chief Ministers.

Funding these schemes seems to be the only serious work of the Governments wherein the accountability factor does not exist. Almost all the State Governments suffer this syndrome and the Central Government witnesses the developments with selective approval depending upon the composition of the State Governments.

As a matter of fact, financial discipline is thrown to the winds and the debts are closing in like a noose around the people's neck. The treasuries of these populist Governments have gone dry and the insolvency rate is mounting. They are not in a position to pay the salaries of their employees.

The whole edifice of the State Government is crumbling and the total collapse is not far away.

The only way to save the situation is to have an enlightened electorate and self-discipline among our political leaders.

G. Azeemoddin,

Anantapur, A.P.

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