Politics or devotion?

Sir, — Kudos to the Telugu Desam Party for taking a bold and principled stand in asking the Centre to take stern action against any organisation trying to build a temple at the disputed site in violation of the Supreme Court's orders.

At the time of formation of the National Democratic Alliance, the constituents and its supporting parties were made to believe that no contentious issues will be taken up during the NDA rule and that there would be no hidden agenda. But with the passage of time, the ugly face of the hidden agenda has been exposed and the discomfort of the secular constituents is obvious. The question before the NDA, its supporters and the opposition parties is what they would do in case the VHP forces its way to the disputed land and starts construction on the very land where the Babri Masjid stood. Should the rule of law prevail or not?

The timing of the TDP ultimatum synchronising with the Uttar Pradesh elections clearly shows that the whole business is about boosting the sagging image of the BJP and winning a few seats. The whole exercise seems a political game and does not pertain to devotion. The Sangh Parivar should be aware that it is not a question of one-upmanship and scoring points.

K. Malikul Azeez, Chennai

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