Politics of Pappapatti

S. Murugesh, Chennai

Sir, — Is any politician statesmanlike enough to camp at Pappapatti, support the Dalit candidate and speak against the Thevar community without any consideration for vote-bank politics? I recall an incident from Rajaji's life, when he was chief of the Salem Municipality in 1919.

A `caste' Hindu summoned a plumber to his house. On learning that he was a Dalit, he refused permission to him to enter his house. The matter went to Rajaji's notice who used his authority and forced the `caste' Hindu to accept the services of the plumber. Only a Dalit should be elected panchayat president of Pappapatti and given NSG cover, if necessary, to complete his term.

S. Umamahesweran, Chennai

Sir, — Any policy, however well meaning it may be, if imposed, evokes resentment. In Pappapatti, it is evident that "reservation" is not acceptable to a dominant section.

The only practical solution is to de-reserve Pappapatti and identify another village panchayat that has a majority of Dalits.

J. Gnanaboopathy, Tirupur, T.N.

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