Plight of Dalits

Sir, — This refers to Anjaly Modi's article "Their tomorrow never comes" (Dec. 29). Our leaders (political and non-political) should address the grave situation pointed out in the article that only five per cent of the real happenings come to light. If we are disgusted about the five per cent that we hear of, what about the 95 per cent of unheard miseries?

Sam Paul, Secunderabad, A.P.

Sir, — The killings of Dalits are going on in the country without any check. There are also several instances of human rights violations, humiliation and discrimination perpetrated against them. Unless stringent action is taken to curb crimes against the Dalits, they will be further marginalised. We must evolve a concrete plan that ensures their social and economic freedom and access to education and employment.

V. Sivanandam, Polur, T.N.

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