Plea to revive coir centre

THANJAVUR, DEC. 6. A. Palanivel, member of the Coir Board, has urged to the Union Minister of State for Finance, S.S. Palani Manickam, to take steps to restart the Regional Coir Training and Development Centre at Pillaiyarpatti near Thanjavur, which was closed four years ago.

In a letter sent to the Minister, Mr. Palanivel of Peravurani said training was essential for producing coir products.

The board had set up the training centre at Thanjavur in 1986 to impart intensive training in advanced methods of coir manufacturing including spinning, dyeing, bleaching, weaving and designing.

It was the only coir training centre in the State.

The institution was worth Rs. 5 crores.

According to Mr. Palanivel, there are coir training centres in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Assam. There was an agreement between the board and the respective State Governments that the training institutions would be handed over to the States after five years. Except Karnataka none of the other States had come forward to take over the centres.

After a few years, all the centres, including the centre in Thanjavur, were closed owing to a Small Scale Agro and Rural Industries Ministry direction in 2000 and the machines and buildings at the centres remain idle.

Mr. Palanivel appealed to Mr. Palani Manickam to request Mahavir Praad, Union Minister for Small Scale Agro and Rural Industries, to revive the centre.

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