Plea for release of fishermen detained in Lakshadweep

The South Asian Fishermen Fraternity (SAFF) has urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to take steps for the early release of 25 fishermen from Kanyakumari district who have been detained by the Lakshadweep Coast Guard.

The fishermen had gone for deep sea fishing from Cochin fishing harbour on February 23 in two boats — Amala Annai, belonging to Dhasan of Vallavilai in Kanyakumari district and Anet Maria, belonging to Nelson of Munampam in Ernakulam, Kerala. Twenty fishermen belonged to Kanyakumari district.

In a memorandum to the Prime Minister, SAFF general secretary Fr. Churchill stated that while they were returning after fishing, the fishermen were arrested. The Lakshadweep Coast Guard had detained the two boats at Kiltandweev. The PM’s Office should take efforts for the release of the innocent fishermen who had been detained in Kiltandweev police station.

The names of the detained fishermen from Tamil Nadu were: Vinu (35) of Vallavilai, Anthoniadimai (29), Sebastiyaradimai (31), Patrose (38), Thartheese (25), Saju (25), Philip (48), Thadeus (35), Kumar (25), Rajamani (18), Rajan (18), Raju (40), Dominic (26), Greevan (23) and John Bosco (56) of Vallavilai, Marvin (40) of Chinnathurai, Smiline (30), Ramesh (28) and Andrew (27) of Kanyakumari and Stalin (18) of Kaliyakkavilai.

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