Plastic ban: Rs. 53,500 collected in fines from five zones in city

Civic body officials seizing plastic coated items from a restaurant in North Zone in the city on Wednesday, as part of the exercise to collect banned plastic goods.  

On Day Two of the State Government’s ban on storage, sale and use of single-use plastic items, the Coimbatore Corporation officials seize banned plastic products from small and big commercial establishments and also collecting such items from houses.

Corporation officials in the health wing said that zone-wise teams directed by assistant commissioners of the zones concerned and led by zonal sanitary officers went around seizing bags.

The teams that were accompanied by autorickshaws used in waste collection seized plastic covers, plastic coated paper cups, disposable plastic plates, polystyrene plates and other items that were under the list of 14 banned items.

The officials said that the teams also raided shops in flower and vegetable markets and bars attached to liquor outlets as well.

In North Zone, the officials seized 15 kg from shops and collected 30 kg from public and imposed Rs. 37,000 in fine. Officials East Zone seized 175 kg, collected six kg and imposed Rs. 500 in fine. In South Zone, the officials seized 136.50 kg, collected 20 kg and imposed Rs. 3,000 in fine. In West Zone, the officials seized 100 kg, collected 75 kg and collected Rs. 6,500 as fine. And, in Central Zone, the officials seized 50 kg, collected 200 kg and imposed Rs. 6,500 in fine.

The officials said that the drive to seize banned plastic goods would continue for the next few days.