Plan to supply water on alternate days deferred

TIRUCHI, FEB.26 . The Tiruchi Corporation has temporarily deferred its plan to introduce alternate day drinking water supply in the city following release of water from the Mettur reservoir in view of the mahamaham festival at Kumbakonam.

The Government had ordered the release of water from Mettur for six days from February 20 for the festival.

With freshes reaching here on Wednesday, the corporation's water sources on the Cauvery riverbed are expected to get a much needed re-charge.

This would effectively obviate the need for resorting to alternate day's supply at least for next 15 days, corporation sources indicated.

The civic body planned to introduce supply on alternate days in the city as the yield from the corporation's pumping stations had started going down gradually, below 70 million litres per day (MLD) early this month.

Though the corporation had taken recourse to such an action in March last year, civic officials considered it would be prudent to take an early decision this year to conserve the available groundwater in view of the long summer ahead. They decided to implement the plan by the middle of February.

With just the date of introduction of supply on alternate days to be decided, the news of impending opening of the Mettur reservoir enabled the officials to put off their decision.

According to current indications, the corporation is expected to review the situation by early March and likely to take a decision on the issue between March 10 and 15.

Last year, the corporation introduced supply on alternate days from March 19 and daily supply was resumed after seven months in October.

With the storage position at the Mettur standing at a paltry 25.34 ft, officials point out that there would be no possibility of any further opening of the reservoir this summer as it was done last year.

The Government came to the rescue of the urban civic bodies such as the Tiruchi Corporation and other towns by ordering the opening of the reservoir twice last year.

Such a possibility is almost ruled out this year unless there is a significant flow into the reservoir.