Plan to distribute 80,000 saplings to farmers

Forest Department to foot expenditure of digging pits

The Department of Forests has plans to distribute 80,000 saplings to farmers this year under tree planting in private lands scheme as part of the afforestation programme with an aim of increasing green cover on earth, according to forest officials.

These saplings will be given to farmers for planting in their farms.

The Forest Department will foot the expenses of digging pits and other input costs for planting these saplings.

Teak, neem, silk cotton, anona, mahagani and kumizh tree saplings will be given to farmers to be grown in their farms.

Some trees have excellent timber value and produces from other trees will fetch them good profit.

After a certain period, farmers will get regular income through this scheme, forest officials said.

Already, sufficient saplings were kept ready for distribution in the forest extension centres in Dindigul and Musuvanuthu village in Nilakottai.

Identification of beneficiaries for this scheme was on. Distribution of saplings will begin only after identifying beneficiaries.

The Forest Department will extend all assistance to farmers in planting and maintaining these saplings.

After three years, the forest officials will inspect the farms of beneficiaries and select best farms.


They will also offer awards to beneficiaries who have successfully implemented the programme, maintained the farm well and grown trees properly, they added.

The main objective of the scheme was not only to increase the green cover but also to enhance income of farmers and create sustainable income generation activities.

It will also develop semi-arid lands and rain-fed areas of the district as cultivable ones.

This scheme has been implemented in the district for the past three years, forest officials pointed out.

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