Phone campaign hearing put off

Nirnimesh Kumar


The Delhi High Court on Wednesday refused to take up hearing on a public interest litigation seeking a stay on the election campaigning in the pre-recorded voice of the Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, on cell and fixed phones saying there was no "urgency" in the matter.

A Division Bench, comprising Justice B.C. Patel and Justice B.D. Ahmed, refused to hear the PIL by the petitioner, Anel Siroha, a local lawyer, saying it would take up the matter in the last week of May.

Mr. Siroha approached the High Court on the ground that the political telemarketing on cell and fixed phones was in fact an arbitrary invasion of the privacy of the phone users, and there was a strong possibility of it being imitated and applied for marketing consumer products in the future, which would create a great nuisance for the cell as well as fixed phone users.

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