PF coverage

PF coverage

People from Thekkurichy, Murungavilai and Ganapathipuram south are engaged in coir-based work. Men and boys are engaged in coconut retting and related works while women and girls are engaged in fibre and coir-based works.

Though they are getting wages on weekends, they are not getting medical facilities and pension. As they are working hard, senility catches them early with nothing to fend during seedy days.

In view of the above, they should be brought under Employees Provident Fund and insurance cover as each owner employs 20 to 25 workers. Early action in this direction is solicited.


Tekkurichy, Kanyakumari district.

Medical college

While presenting demands for his Ministry, the Health Minister announced Government's policy decision to open medical colleges at all district headquarters. While praising the Government's decision, I appeal to the Chief Minister to open a medical college at Ramanathapuram. Being an educationally backward area, Ramanathapuram deserves special consideration in this regard.

Asmabagh Anvardeen,



The temple city has lost its beauty due to illegal occupations by miscreants. Vehicular traffic has become cumbersome in view of irregular parking of vehicles on roadsides.

Platforms are meant for the public but fruit and flower vendors occupy them for their business activities.

Three years back, the then Police Commissioner with the assistance of corporation authorities removed all illegal occupations and the city was free from traffic jam. But now nobody is bothered about maintenance of roads in the city limits.

Hence, illegal occupations should be removed immediately for a smooth vehicular traffic.

Vaigai Valavan,


Tourism development

The Government can handle tourists through the Department of Tourism and earn good foreign exchange. Package tours can be operated keeping Madurai as the centre plying to Tiruchi, Tanjore, Chettinad, Rameswaram and Kanyakumari. Government-approved guides can be used to guide tourists.

If government buses are not available, services of private buses can be utilised till infrastructure is improved. Madurai should be made a clean city and toilet facilities should be made available.

C. Balasubramanian,


Cash withdrawal

The State Bank of India, Tallakulam branch, Madurai, has announced that withdrawal of amount up to Rs.15,000 will be permitted in the ATM centre only. This decision is illegal and unjustifiable.

It is a customer's option to avail the facility of using the ATM centre to get money up to Rs.15,000. Other nationalised banks like Indian Bank and Canara Bank do not insist their account holders to get amount up to Rs.15,000 from ATM centres.

The SBI should not expect all account holders to use ATM cards.

Malligai Mannan,


Traffic island

At the traffic island at Madurai-Dindigul Road with statues of Veerama Munivar and Robert Denobli near Fatima College where three roads meet one going to Madurai-Dindigul Road, another going to bye-pass and the third going to Koodal Nagar connecting Sellur Road, there is no proper indication. Hence, motorists take wrong route. An arrow mark may be placed to guide people.

R.G. Rethinam,


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