‘Pay higher bonus to textile workers in Tirupur’

Textile business has been on an upward curve, say trade unions

With Deepavali fast approaching, the demand from trade unions for higher bonus for textile workers vis-à-vis the scale of bonus given by the respective garment companies during last year and its timely disbursal has started gaining momentum in Tirupur knitwear cluster.

Sources in the trade unions said companies disbursed bonus up to around 30 per cent of the annual wages last year.

“Workers have every right for enhanced scale of bonus this year because the textile business from Tirupur cluster has been on an upward curve. Moreover, the higher bonus is essential as the workers’ daily spending has increased almost by 80 per cent due to abnormal upward revision in the prices of essential commodities and cost of living,” C. Moorthy, general secretary, CITU-affiliated Baniyan General Workers Union, told The Hindu .

Mr. Moorthy cited the increased export turnover registered in the last one and a half years and also the recent statements by senior members of Tirupur Exporters Association that the two India Knit Fairs conducted this year had helped added large number of buyers to the business portfolio of the apparel companies here, as the signs of good business in the cluster.

The trade unionists also pointed to the fact that the exporters here reaped huge profits in the recent times due to the better unit value realisation following the heavy depreciation of rupee against dollar.

K. Ramakrishnan, general secretary of the Tirupur District Baniyan Thozhilalar Munnetra Sangam, ridiculed the versions of certain manufacturers catering to the domestic market that they were facing shrinkage in profits owing to the escalation in prices of raw materials and transportation costs.

“This is not true at all because the hosiery manufacturers had proportionally raised the cost of end products when the raw material prices increased,” he said.

N. Sekar, district general secretary of AITUC, said the union would go on strike in those units which failed to disburse the bonus before October 20.

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