Panchayat chiefs' plea

MADURAI, JULY 24. P anchayat heads in Madurai district have urged the Government to allow them to implement drought relief works in their respective panchayats.

A resolution adopted at a meeting of panchayat chiefs held here on Monday wanted the Government to allow the panchayats to retain house tax collections and take steps to provide stamp papers to all village panchayats. Resenting the present mode of effecting the recovery of electricity dues, another resolution urged the officials to cross-check with the chiefs and deduct only 40 per cent from the panchayat funds. Further, the deduction of power dues out of the funds and subsidy provided to the panchayats under the State Finance Commission and Central Planning Commission should be stopped. Besides involving the heads of panchayats in development works in panchayat areas, the association sought empowerment of panchayats in the spirit of the Panchayat Raj Act and wanted the Centre to directly fund development works.

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