`Organ donation does not affect donor'

CHENNAI, JAN. 20. The chances for kidney donors developing health problems directly due to the organ donation are minimal, doctors said today, allaying the fears of renal patients at a patient support programme of Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network (MOHAN).

Shedding their inhibitions, patients who had enrolled with the private clinic's support programme, `Manashanti', discussed topics ranging from diagnosis to transplants at MOHAN's Anna Nagar clinic.

Most patients wanted to know about the `miracle cures' that were advertised in a section of media as cure for kidney failure. The team of doctors, led by founder trustee of MOHAN, Sunil Shroff, said in most cases these cures ceased to be nothing more than ``tall claims''.

In certain cases, steroids were administered to ensure a temporary reduction in Creatinine. But this was only a temporary solution and cannot be looked at as a cure itself because the Creatinine levels are bound to shoot up again, the doctors said.

Several myths about renal disorders remains to be shattered, the most important ones relating to the donation of kidney. ``Studies in the developed countries have shown that organ donation does not directly affect the donor. The society should remove the stigma it attaches to a patient receiving a kidney transplant,'' the nephrologists said.

Some participants allayed the fears about the process of dialysis, which is often being interpreted as being a ``painful'' procedure. ``I have been under dialysis for more than seven years now. I have not had many problems,'' a woman patient said.

According to the doctors, the real problem in the country with respect to renal disorders were lack of organ donors and the dangerous practice of self-prescription for health problems.

The patient support programme is the initiative of Malathi Venkatesan, who was suffering from kidney failure before receiving a transplant.

Dr. Sunil Shroff, nephrologists, Suresh and S.Vidhya and a dietician Varsha participated in the programme. MOHAN Foundation can be contacted by phone at 620 7000.

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