Only a tranquil mind can cure society's ills: Radha Burnier

CHENNAI, DEC. 30. Tranquillity of mind that would lead to clarity in thinking can cause a remarkable change in the society plagued by innumerable problems, Ms. Radha Burnier, International President of the Theosophical Society, said today.

Talking on `Being in the world, but not of it' at the Society in Chennai, she said the solutions for the problems of today were given by the ``bright, educated, clever people and powerful politicians. The cures prescribed by a struggling mind were often worse than the maladies.'' Citing the examples of how the use of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers and genetic manipulation had wrought havoc with food, she said the solutions projected were from a mind that was agitated and unclear.

Emphasising the power of creativity of a tranquil mind, she said even a small deed performed in the ``right state of mind'' could do a larger good than some big action done with a mind struggling with its egocentricity. ``Karma is not just doing physical action, but the kind of energy we put into action,'' she said pointing out that peace could come to a suffering world only when there was cessation of struggle within.``Action should be performed in the spirit of Yoga, with a sense of harmony within.''

Human beings had made life a series of struggles - the struggle to be loved, the struggle to prove one's merit by ``smart talk.'' Comparison made people want more. ``A remarkable change can come if man performs action being established in Yoga or the harmony of the earth and the heaven through a tranquil mind.''

Mr. Surendra Narayanan, former vice-president of the Society, introduced the speaker.

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