On Rajaji

Sir, — While in college, I was a great admirer of Rajaji and an avid reader of Swarajya. I was particularly attracted by Rajaji's campaign against the imposition of Hindi on non-Hindi speaking people in the 1960s. When I found some ambiguity in his demand for the fulfilment of the Prime Minister's assurance in Parliament to stop the imposition, I wrote a letter to Swarajya. I was an unemployed post-graduate in a small village (in my early twenties) and it was my first letter to a publication. Swarajya published my letter along with Rajaji's reply to my point. What impressed me most was the fact that such a great leader in his late eighties not only found time to go through a faceless reader's letter but also cared to reply to it graciously.

D. Natarajan,


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