On Mangal Pandey

The editorial "Of disagreement and disruption" (Aug. 18) on the controversy generated over the so-called inaccuracies in the movie Mangal Pandey was even handed. However, time and again, Bollywood film-makers, in the name of creative licence, do go overboard and trivialise historical events of great import bringing them down to the level of box office formulae. Such gross commercialisation of history should be discouraged.

Shahabuddin Nadeem, Bangalore

* * *

Mangal Pandey has very little space in our history, and to make a movie out of his character is certainly a challenge. But having claimed in the run-up to the release that it was based on real-life character, a disclaimer — that certain characters and roles are entirely fictitious — alone is not sufficient to convince people that it is a fiction or a dramatisation.

Satyakanth Ponnada, Minneapolis

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