NRI medical seats for candidates from general pool

HYDERABAD, JAN. 31. The State Government has permitted Sri Venkateswara Medical College at Tirupati and the Government Medical College at Anantapur, in which 20 seats under the Non-Resident Indian quota are vacant, to fill the seats with candidates in the general pool, by collecting the entire fee at the time of admission for the full course at the rate of 10,000 US dollars per year.

This would come to about Rs. 5 lakhs per year and about Rs. 22 lakhs for the full course. The fees thus collected should be utilised for payment to the Medical Council of India for increase of postgraduate medical seats in various Government medical colleges in the State.

Five seats are vacant in Tirupati and 15 in Anantapur.

The Government said that the Director of Medical Education would consider the applications pending with him in the first instance, and then go for fresh notification if sufficient candidates were not available to fill the NRI quota.

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