Novel fair that lured laymen too

Though the three-day exhibition on `Energy Equipment' organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry, here last week, was essentially meant for business and industry representatives, the novelty of the fair being held under air-conditioned hangars attracted the attention of several laymen also.

The posh looking massive hangars, erected by a Chennai based firm, used dozens of air-conditioners that were powered by a series of high-capacity generators. The installation of the hangars was estimated to have cost over Rs.15 lakhs, but it proved worth the expenditure. But for the rather high noise levels inside the camps, apparently due to the use of multiple air-conditioners with a total capacity of about 200 tonnes, the exhibition venue made for cosy ambience.

This was the first time that an outdoor exhibition was being held under air-conditioned venue in the City, the organisers pointed out and expect the concept to catch up in the days to come.

in Tiruchi

From S. Ganesan in Tiruchi

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