Notification on wage hike for farm labourers

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: : The Government has confirmed the preliminary notification on the revised minimum wages for 86 lakh agricultural workers in the State. The final notification and the Government Order were issued on Friday.

In a suo motu statement in the Assembly on March 28, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa announced the proposal.

An official release said that as per the final notification, the wage for the worker who tilled the land with his own plough and bullocks would be increased from Rs.100 to Rs.150. If the plough and animals were provided by the employer, the worker would be paid Rs.80 instead of Rs.54. The wages for harvesting, carrying bundles of harvested crop to the threshing field, threshing, winnowing, measuring and packing would be enhanced from Rs.54 to Rs.80 for six-hour work for men and from Rs.45 to Rs.70 for five-hour work for women.

If the wage was paid in kind, one-eighth of the yield should be given as wage. The wages could be in cash or kind, but the workers should be paid whichever was high. This would be applicable to harvesting of crops other than paddy.

The daily wage of male farm workers for six-hour work on sowing, transplanting, weeding, bund forming, apiculture, poultry and dairy would be revised from Rs.54 to Rs.80. In the case of women, the wages would be increased from Rs.45 to Rs.70 for five-hour work.

If the employer offered food to workers, its value should not be deducted from the wages. The Equal pay for Equal work Act, 1976, should be implemented while disbursing wages.

After going into the objections and suggestions submitted within two months of the issue of the preliminary notification on March 28, the Government came out with the final notification and the G.O.

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