Nominations of candidates of major parties accepted

CHENNAI, APRIL 24. The returning officers for the three City Parliamentary constituencies on Saturday accepted nominations of all the candidates of the major parties after registering some complaints filed against them by some independent candidates.

In all, the returning officers declared valid nominations of 27 candidates in North Chennai, 23 candidates in Central Chennai and 35 candidates in South Chennai.

Some of the independent candidates raised objections to the affidavits filed by the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) candidates Dayanidhi Maran (Central Chennai), T. R. Baalu (South Chennai) and All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) candidate N. Balaganga (Central Chennai).

Farooq Mohammed, Corporation ward 88 councillor and independent candidate for Central Chennai constituency, has submitted a letter to the Central Chennai returning officer that Mr. Dayanidhi had faltered while furnishing property details in his affidavit. He noted that Mr. Dayanidhi Maran had declared that he and family members were receiving interest from the Murasoli Maran Trust, Anjugam Trust and Mallika Maran Benefit Trust. But the immovable property of the Trusts had not found any mention in his affidavit, Mr. Mohammed contended.

Another independent candidate, S. Purushothaman, who filed nomination for Central Chennai constituency, raised objections over the candidature of Mr. Baalu regarding his declaration pertaining to his spouses in his affidavit. He also complained that Mr. Baalu had not fully declared his dues to the government. The AIADMK candidate for the constituency, Bader Sayeed, and her election agents, including the Deputy Mayor `Karate' R. Thiagarajan, also raised objections to Mr. Baalu's nomination.

The returning officer for South Chennai, D. P. Yadav, registered the complaints but accepted Mr. Baalu's nominations. He later pointed that as per an order of the Election Commission of India issued last March, the returning officers had no powers to reject nominations by conducting enquiry into assets and liabilities of candidates or on ground of furnishing wrong information or suppressing information.

The independent candidate, Mr. Purushothaman, said he would move the court against Mr. Baalu's nomination. The Deputy Mayor `Karate', R. Thiagarajan, and other AIADMK men accompanied him when he addressed the media.

Mr. Baalu, meanwhile, termed the complaints against him "stale and slimy."

S. N. Kripanandam, an independent candidate who filed nomination for Central Chennai constituency, registered a complaint challenging the nomination of the AIADMK candidate, N. Balaganga. He said Mr. Balaganga had declared in his affidavit that a criminal case was pending against him. "He filed his nomination on April 23 but the case was withdrawn on April 19 by the government. So he has lied in his affidavit and his nomination must not be accepted," he said.

Papers rejected

The nominations of five independent candidates were rejected by the returning officers for two reasons - failure to establish their listing in the electoral rolls or failure to come up with the required ten proposals for their candidature. The nominations of the substitute candidates by the major parties - V. Muthukrishnan (for S. Kuppuswamy in North Chennai), R. S. Bharati (for Mr. Baalu), J. Ravindran (for Mr. Dayanidhi Maran) and V. Sukumar Babu (for Mr. Balaganga) - were also rejected.

The last date for withdrawal of nominations is Monday.

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