No-win situation

President Bush seems to be in a no-win situation in Iraq. If he responds to the domestic pressure over the mounting American military casualties and monetary costs by withdrawing troops from that country a civil war could ensue. If the troops stay on and fight with no guarantee of success in taming the insurgency, his popularity rating will further plummet and his party could lose the leadership of Congress in next year's election. The President evidently brought it upon himself by rushing into an unnecessary war. But one wonders what the Iraqis did to deserve their present miserable plight.

K. Vijayakumar, Bangalore

This refers to the editorial, `Increasing pressure to withdraw,' (Nov. 21). The scenario in Iraq is such that the inexperienced post-Saddam Hussein army will find itself at the receiving end once the foreign troops go. Therefore, it will be wise to put on hold the withdrawal of foreign troops and to set in motion serious efforts to create an atmosphere for the rival religious groups to sit and iron out their differences.

P.U. Krishnan, Udhagamandalam, T.N.

The foreign troops must not be removed until peace and stability return. Otherwise, there will be complete chaos in the already broken country.

Girish Patel, Radhanpur, Gujarat