No awards announced for many categories

NEW DELHI JULY 26. Unlike the feature film section of the National Film Awards where Bollywood and the South Indian film industry pocketed most of the awards, the non-feature film award list was slightly more representative linguistically. But a common thread ran through both in that each had a fair share of categories in which no award was announced.

While no awards were announced in three categories of the feature film section, the language category herein drew more blanks with no films fitting the bill in Assamese, Gujarati, Manipuri, Marathi, Rajasthani, Bodo, Chattisgarhi, Haryanvi, Santhali, Tripuri and Tulu. And, the non-feature section had five such categories wherein no awards were announced.

In fact the chairman of the jury for the non-feature film section, K.K. Kapil, rued that the number of entries was a reflection of the lack of interest and absence of sponsors for short films in the country.

Among the languages that made it to the awards in the feature section were Bengali (`Hemantar Pakki'), Hindi (`Dil Chahta Hai'), Kannada (`Atithi'), Malayalam (`Dany'), Oriya (`Maguni Ra Shagada'), Tamil (`Ooruku Nooruper'), Telugu (`Show'), and English (`Mitr, My Friend').

In the non-feature section, the award for the best non-feature film was won by the Hindi-English production, `Sonal'; best first non-feature film of a director by `Diary of a Housewife' in Malayalam; best anthropological/ethnographic film by `The Monpas of Arunachal Pradesh' in English; best biographical film by `Teejan Bai' in Hindi; best environment/conservation/preservation film by `The Holy Ganga' in Hindi; best promotional film by `News Magazine No. 458 (In Search of Muga Silk); best film on social issues by `A New Paradigm' in English; best educational/motivational/instructional film by `Kanavu Malayiekku' in Malayalam; best investigative film by `Kalahandi' in Oriya-English; best animation film by `The Pink Camel' in Hindi; special jury award by `Orchestra' in Hindi; best short fiction film by `Chaitra' in Marathi; and best film on family welfare by `Sayanthana Thinte Padavukal in Malayalam.

Besides, the awards for best direction was won by Buddhadeb Dasgupta for `Jorasanko Thakurbari'; best cinematography by Nilotpal Sarkar and Irom Maikpak for `Jorasanko Thakurbari' and `The Monpas of Arunachal Pradesh' respectively; best audiography by Anup Mukherjee for `Enough of Silence'; best editing by Ajith for `Athman'; best music direction by Bhaskar Chandavarkar for `Chaitra'; and special mention by A.R. Tripathi and Sonali Kulkarni for `Kalahandi' and `Chaitra' respectively.

While the National Award for the best book on cinema will be shared by Apurba Sarma's Assamese book, `Asomiya Chalachitrar Chha-Pohar' and Gangadhar Mahambare's Marathi book, `Moulik Marathi Chitrageete', the best film critic award has gone to Vinod Anupam. Also, the jury for the best writing on cinema has made a special mention of film writer C.S. Venkateswaran.

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