New website to list ‘dubious’ foreign garment buyers

The Tirupur Exporters and Manufacturers Association (TEAMA) is all set to launch a website in the next few days to highlight the names of ‘dubious’ foreign garment buyers and buying agents who had defaulted payments for orders placed with Tirupur knitwear cluster.

TEAMA president M. P. Muthurathinam said the idea of the website had germinated after lots of exporters were encountering default in payments and cancellation of orders at the last minute by the foreign buyers and buying agents after the garments were produced to tailor-made requirements. “The website will be giving the names of those buyers and buying agents who had defaulted payments and duped the garment manufacturers in other ways, so that other garment exporters from the cluster could get cautious in their dealings with such dubious buyers and buying agents”, he added.

Mr. Muthurathinam further said that there were also instances of garment manufacturers getting trapped in deals with ‘fly-by-night’ foreign buyers who had opened bank accounts using fake identities in their respective countries just for the sake of placing orders and then disappear after receiving the consignments.

“Cancellation of orders at the last minute is another big issue. Garments made to suit fashion in a particular country could not be sold in local markets here inflicting huge losses to the manufacturers here”, he said.

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