NCC air wing cadets showcase their skills

IN ACTION: Cadets demonstrating their skill at the NCC Day celebration held in Pondicherry on Sunday. — Photo: T. Singaravelou  

Deepa H Ramakrishnan

Pondicherry: Cadets of the NCC's air wing on Sunday demonstrated flying a radio-controlled glider as part of the NCC Day celebrations. Students M. Savurirajan, M. Praveen Chander, Deviyananda Gupta and Purushothaman prepared the model using aluminium foil, balsa wood and a small engine.

"We fly the glider using radio control every day in the morning before we go to our colleges. Though the weather condition is not very favourable, we had a go at it and it was a superb landing," they said.

During their training, the air wing cadets prepared over 30 different kinds of models in a year and also participated in national and state level competitions. Last year, this team has won gold and silver medals in the competitions.

"The students also get an opportunity to train to pilot small aircraft under the guidance of an instructor. Also if they pass the `C' certificate examination, which is the highest level in NCC, they get to bypass all levels of entrance exams to the armed forces. They can go to the interview directly. But it is a tough test to pass," explained V.S. Chandrasekar, aero-modelling instructor. "They also learn basic designing of aircraft, how aircraft works, aerodynamics and also maintenance," said P. Muraleedharan, instructor in the air wing.

In the Naval wing, petty officer cadet R Sivakumar demonstrated a model of Naval ship INS Ajay, which is a patrolling vessel fitted with surface-to-surface missiles and anti- aircraft guns. "We normally operate the model in the Chunnambar River or in a large swimming pool because the radio control has a range of 200 metres. But here on the PAP grounds we had to use a small tank," said S Kumar, ship modelling instructor.

The Army wing staged a mock section attack on an enemy bunker using a smoke bomb to camouflage their move. The programmes came to a close with the Naval wing doing a victory lap around the ground after they won the `banner', the overall championship for the year.