Nature's bounty or fury?

V. Jayanth

V. Jayanth

CHENNAI: At least four major "systems" have hit Tamil Nadu during the Northeast monsoon season. The first, in late October, crippled Chennai and its environs. The second, in early November, covered about 15 coastal districts, and the third rained 22 districts in the State just recently. The fourth in the series of depressions, low pressures and troughs of the season, has now dented Chennai, Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur districts.

Satellite images of the Indian Meteorological Department threaten the State with yet another approaching system, which has already crossed Southeast Asia. Officials and people alike are hoping that it will dissipate before reaching the Tamil Nadu coast.

Officials point out that as much as the rains, it is the floodwaters from the surplusing tanks, lakes and reservoirs, besides the breaches, that have caused much of the havoc. "As waters are receding in the other districts, we have the floods all over again in Chennai. It seems to be an unending struggle. There are families which have been evacuated almost half-a-dozen times in these five weeks. Imagine the suffering and the loss each time floods enter the house or dwelling. For instance, how many people have seen the Adyar River in such a spate?" wonders a senior official.