Mysore thoroughfares to be litter-free

MYSORE Oct. 28. As part of the Nirmala Nagar Yojane to keep the city clean, the Mysore City Corporation has announced that the main thoroughfares of the city will be litter-free from November 1.

In the first phase of the scheme, Devaraj Urs Road, Sayyaji Rao Road, Ashoka Road, Gandhi Circle and its surroundings, besides Chamaraja Double Road and Kalidasa Road in Jayalakshmipuram, have been identified. A statement issued on Tuesday by the Mayor, Modamani, and the Corporation Commissioner, A.B. Ibrahim, urged owners of commercial establishments on these roads to ensure their cleanliness.

It also said that they should keep their shops and footpaths clean.

"They have been told to collect waste in dustbins. Shop owners have also been told to empty such dustbins only in the corporation's garbage bin.''

In addition, shop owners have been asked to advise their customers against throwing waste on roads or footpaths. Instead, customers should be encouraged to use dustbins.

"These measures have to be observed from Saturday.''

By observing these measures, commercial centres in the city would be not only clean but also attract more customers as well as tourists, the statement said.

The corporation cautioned business establishments selling lottery tickets against throwing paper scraps on footpaths and roads. Though the corporation has taken up a series of measures to make the city garbage free, waste lottery paper scraps are invariably found on roads and footpaths opposite the shops selling lottery tickets. "This affects the cleanliness of the surroundings," it said.

Lottery ticket sellers have been directed to keep plastic dustbins in front of their shops and ensure that their patrons dump lottery paper scrap only in the dustbins. It is the duty of the lottery ticket sellers to inform their customers not to throw paper scrap on footpaths and roads and instead use the dustbins in the shop. "Lottery kiosks should display a board asking their customers not to throw waste on roads and footpaths."

In case, garbage is collected in front of the shops, the lottery shop owners should ensure that the place is cleaned regularly. If pieces of waste lottery paper are found on footpaths and roads opposite the lottery ticket shops, a penalty of Rs. 500 will be imposed on the shop owners under Section 257 B and 263 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) of the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act 1976, the corporation has said.

The Nirmala Nagar Yojane was launched in the city recently with the Mayor herself cleaning a portion of a road at Kailaspuram in Mandi Mohalla in a symbolic gesture. Senior officials, including the Deputy Commissioner, Kumar G. Naik, and elected representatives took part.

The scheme itself follows a Supreme Court directive to ensure cleanliness in urban centres and the corporation is making an all-out effort to meet the deadline stipulated by the apex court. The authorities have also invited private organisations and non-government organisations to be part of the scheme. They also expect participation by schools and social service organisations in restoring the city's grandeur.

From Saturday, the yojane will include door-to-door collection of garbage in corporation wards.

At present, this is in force only in a few wards. It is being implemented on an experimental basis with the help of voluntary organisations.

The authorities have also sought the cooperation of the people in segregating dry and non-perishable waste from wet garbage, including vegetable waste, to facilitate speedy clearance.

The corporation will make efforts to constitute local resident groups for every 500 houses for effective clearance of garbage in their localities.

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