MTC school bus passes poised to go online

CHENNAI May 9 . The Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) will go in for issuing school bus passes online this year. The Hyderabad-based Instruments Systems Division of the Electronic Corporation of India Ltd. (ECIL) will work with the MTC in the project.

The software, with a web camera to photograph the student, will store the data in the MTC online record and the bus pass and identity card will be issued on the pre-printed paper supplied by the transport corporation immediately.

ECIL has undertaken similar projects for the North West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC), Delhi Transport Corporation, Bangalore and Gulbarga. In New Delhi, the company had installed the latest equipment including wireless systems, Suresh Agnihotri, Business-Head, Marketing and Technical Associates of ECIL told The Hindu.

Swaran Singh, Managing Director, MTC, said the team equipped with a computer and web camera would go to each of the 940 schools and issue passes to 2.3 lakh students next month. Though the MTC had simplified the measures regarding the school bus passes by entering the rolls of students on its computer registry, annually there was a problem as some schools would approach late, waiting till the booking for their own school buses was over, an official said.

This step would reduce the burden of students and schools who had to earlier approach the branch manager of the respective depot, after which the passes would be despatched from the head quarters after inscription of signatures.

Based on its success, the system would be used for college bus passes. The equipment will be placed in all the 50 pass-issuing centres for giving away other season tickets and travel-as-you-please passes also. With the web-camera facility of inscribing the photograph on the ticket, the system could help in doing away with issue of separate identity cards, the ECIL team making a presentation of the software said.

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