More trains to stop at Tirupur

CHENNAI, OCT. 7. Tirupur and Coimbatore are being well served by existing train services and from October 10, more trains will stop at Tirupur, according to a Railway press release.

Out of the 12 pairs of trains running between Chennai Central and Thiruvananthapuram/ Mangalore, all trains except the Chennai Central-Thiruvananthapuram Mails and the Chennai-Mangalore West Coast Expresses now stop at Tirupur. The stoppage for the West Coast Expresses at Tirupur has been removed since September 1 as they pass through Tirupur at inconvenient hours.

On the Tirupur-Coimbatore-Mangalore sector, two pairs Tiruchi-Mangalore-Tiruchi link Expresses and Chennai Central-Mangalore-Central Mails are provided stoppage at Tirupur. Of this, the Tiruchi-Mangalore-Tiruchi Link Expresses provide convenient overnight service between Tirupur and Mangalore, a service to Mangalore in lieu of the West Coast Expresses.

In addition, the following trains will stop at Tirupur for five minutes from October 10.

The Dhanbad / Tata-Alleppey-Dhanbad / Tata Steel City Expresses, the Kanyakumari-Mumbai CST (Weekly) Expresses, the Thiruvananthapuram-Howrah-Thiruvanathapuram- (Bi-weekly) Expresses, the Coimbatore-Hazarat Nizamuddin (Weekly) Kongu Expresses and the Coimbatore-Rajkot (Weekly) Express.

These services will meet the meet the demand of Tirupur passengers, the release added.