Modi issue

Sir, — Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's statement that he is not against Islam but only against jehad (March 28) is devious. His now infamous slogan of hum paanch, hamare pachees to describe the Muslim community and the reference to Muslims as Mian Musharraf's progeny are not aimed at jehadis.

Notwithstanding the rhetoric of national shame caused by the U.S. denial of visa to Mr. Modi and the U.K. Government's hands-off policy, the change of tune in Mr. Modi's song is a vindication of the two developments.

Mushtaqh Ali, Chennai

Sir, — This refers to the din over the U.S. refusal of visa to Mr. Modi. It is `a slap in Mr. Modi's face' all right, but the question is from whom? From a country that has done an irreparable damage to human rights in Iraq?

U. Nandita, Guntur, A.P.

Sir, — It seems to have become a practice for the U.S. to humiliate Indian constitutional heads in the name of security.

D.S. Lakshme, Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh

Sir, — No one seeks to justify the Gujarat genocide or the inaction of Mr. Modi. The only question that needs a convincing answer is: is the U.S. competent to judge Mr. Modi, given its record?

V. Murugaiyan, Tiruchitrambalam, T.N.

Sir, — It is obvious that the West does not know what actually happened in Gujarat. Its information is, at best, one-sided.

Media reports and NHRC findings cannot form the basis for taking decisions.

K. Venkata Subbaiah, Hyderabad

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